Founder & CEO Profile in Washingtonian

Meghan Gaffney Buck, VEDA's Founder & CEO, shares her experience as a women in tech.  Her advice for other women starting their own companies:

"Look for people who will give you honest, brutal advice. I’ve been lucky to have those mentors, both male and female, who know what they’re doing, who’ve done this before, and who are willing to tell me when I’m wrong. Also, it’s important to figure out how to own your story and your successes because the fact of the matter is, less than 5 percent of venture capital money goes to women-run companies. So we don’t have to be good, we have to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the 5 percent, and it doesn’t mean that number can’t change. So instead of being discouraged by it, it’s important to own your victories along the way: your first contract, your first revenue, your first hire. It’s good to be able to say, “Great, we broke that barrier—now on to the next thing.”


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Meghan Buck