CEO Meghan Gaffney Buck Speaks on AI & Policy

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Watch VEDA Founder & CEO, Meghan Gaffney Buck, talk about how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology are disrupting how industries operate and engage with customers. Hosted by TheBridge, U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Engagement Center and Dcode42, the panel discussed issues from privacy, regulation and the future of work.

Watch the video: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology are disrupting how industries operate and engage with customers. Join TheBridge, U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Engagement Center and Dcode42 for a discussion on the role government may play in regulating AI and how these regulations can change the way this technology impacts our work, lives and culture.

Meghan Buck
VEDA Wins The Vinetta Project Female Founders Showcase 2017

VEDA Data Solutions CEO Meghan Gaffney Buck was named the winner of the Vinetta Project Venture Challenge at a pitch event held last week.

The win gives the startup $20,000 in cash from GSP and Paley Rothman, as well as four free months of offices space at MakeOffices.

As DC reported, Buck and VEDA recently closed on $1 million in seed funding. The startup’s platform uses machine learning to make sure health provider directories have the correct information.

Buck, who made her first public pitch at the Vinetta Project’s semifinals in March, was one of four female founders who pitched at the Sept. 14 event. The other finalists included Yulia Yaani of RealAtom, Carey Anne Nadeau of Open Data Nation and Steph Speirs of Solstice.

The Vinetta Project’s D.C. chapter launched in 2015  to support female founders, and help provide connections to investors.


Meghan Buck
VEDA Joins Exclusive DC Female Founders Raising $1M+

It’s official, Veda Data Solutions CEO Meghan Buck is now a part of an elite group in D.C. of female founders who have raised at least $1 million in funding.

Buck walked out with the D.C. chapter of the Vinetta Project‘s grand prize of $20,000 Thursday night. Buck competed amongst a group of four finalists and a semifinalist pitch competition in March in Vinetta’s annual venture showcase competition for local women founders.

In September, Veda also closed a $1 million seed round led by New Dominion Angels, and in 2016, the company received $200,000 from undisclosed investors. The latest funding from Vinetta brings her total funding for Veda Data to $1.2 million.

“Being completely honest, I’m sort of awe in being in a group that includes companies like Framebridge,” Buck told DC Inno in an interview Friday. “I feel very lucky, but it also makes me want to be more engaged with female founders.”


Meghan Buck
VEDA Releases ProviderSYNC
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.42.51 PM.png

To find a doctor, most people rely on provider directories that come from insurers. However, for a variety of reasons, the data in many of those directories is riddled with inaccuracies, said Meghan Gaffney Buck.

“If you went online right now and were looking for a new primary care provider, and did a search, about half of the data points that search provided back to you would be inaccurate,” she said.

Many people find ways to work around the errors, such as using search tools or calling practitioners to get the right info. But for people who have health struggles, Buck said it remains an issue that makes it harder to get the right care. Insurers and health systems also spend a lot of money to keep the data up-to-date. In all, it’s a problem that costs insurers money to the tune of $3 billion. And the government took notice.


Meghan Buck
Founder & CEO Profile in Washingtonian

Meghan Gaffney Buck, VEDA's Founder & CEO, shares her experience as a women in tech.  Her advice for other women starting their own companies:

"Look for people who will give you honest, brutal advice. I’ve been lucky to have those mentors, both male and female, who know what they’re doing, who’ve done this before, and who are willing to tell me when I’m wrong. Also, it’s important to figure out how to own your story and your successes because the fact of the matter is, less than 5 percent of venture capital money goes to women-run companies. So we don’t have to be good, we have to be perfect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the 5 percent, and it doesn’t mean that number can’t change. So instead of being discouraged by it, it’s important to own your victories along the way: your first contract, your first revenue, your first hire. It’s good to be able to say, “Great, we broke that barrier—now on to the next thing.”


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Meghan Buck
VEDA Wins the Medstar #Patient2Consumer Challenge!

VEDA Founder & CEO pitched at the 1776 Medstar Patient2Consumer Challenge and won a coveted opportunity to partner with one of the nation's leading health systems to prove VEDA's ability to make healthcare smarter.  More updates to come as the cohort begins in October 2017!

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Meghan Buck
VEDA Co-Founder Releases Gausspy Code Base

In order to understand where we came from, scientists start by exploring why galaxies are born, how they grow up, and why they die.

We live in a galaxy, and the life cycle of every galaxy is quite a story, always with these three phases. It is easy to *see* galaxies in each phase, but without better understanding of star formation and how gas is turned into stars, we will never know WHY they age, and why they die.

For over 50 years, astronomers have been manually measuring and modeling star formation, but future understanding depends on analyzing more data from larger net generation telescopes. In the absence of the ability to utilize the amount of data necessary to measure star formation, theorists have relied instead on models that are often compelling, but unconfirmed.

All of that is about to change.


Meghan Buck