ProviderSync is VEDA's self-calibrating, self-updating automated provider directory system. It delivers machine learning backed provider directory information through API's or customized outputs directly into your current software systems. ProviderSync self-updates every 24-hours and has best in industry accuracy.

Want to see for yourself? We will demo our data head-to-head with your current directory to prove what VEDA can do.



VEDA uses automated data science tools to create custom solutions for our customers.  The VEDA Behavior Modeling Engine, a fast, efficient, cloud-based system with unlimited scalability can be used for general purpose human behavior forecasting. Our VEDA Entity Resolution Engine is a cloud-based and accurately resolves imperfect, error prone, or out-of-date data. Other technologies include our Automated Data Cleanser, which cleans and normalizes data, specifically focused on removing and correcting human error in claims and clinical data sets.