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VEDA Data Solutions

Fully Automated Machine Learning Solutions for Health Care and Beyond

Innovative machine learning & predictive analytics products, made affordable and accessible.

No data scientist required.

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At VEDA, we are building a team of engineers and designers that value working collaboratively with customers and with each other.  We are motivated by the challenge to make data science accessible and work each day to create products that open complex analytics technology to everyone.

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VEDA’s core technology lets us create innovative predictive modeling & machine learning products across markets.

VEDA’s products are cloud based and accessed through APIs.  We allow businesses access to innovative data science they need in their current dashboards.

Data scientists are expensive and in short supply.  The predicted national shortage of 200,000 data scientists by 2018 will impact industries from health care to financial services.  VEDA products allow businesses to realize the benefits of innovation without additional staff.

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